Mayflower Bioscience


In September of 2014, CAI entered into a product distribution agreement with Mayflower Bioscience for ClariCELL™ kinase assay kits.  Mayflower Bioscience is a distributor of unique life science research products, and the ClariCELL™ kinase assay kits form a great complement to their ever expanding portfolio of molecular biology, cell biology, protein, antibody, and assay kit products.  For more information, please contact Mayflower directly:

Mayflower Bioscience
Helix Center
1100 Corporate Square Drive
St. Louis, MO 63132
Phone: +1 314 485 5210
Fax: +1 314 485 5424


SBH Sciences, Inc.


SBH Sciences is an innovative preclinical contract research organization, focused on anti-cancer and anti-inflammation drug development. In its 15+ years of working with over 100 biotechnology and diagnostic companies, SBH Sciences has earned a reputation for product quality, service and on-time delivery.

On April 30th, 2012, CAI partnered with SBH Sciences, Inc. The combination of SBH Sciences’ experience and CAI’s ClariCELL™ technology provides a unique service. Through the SBH-CAI partnership, SBH offers ClariCELL™ kinase-screening services, an essential tool for all researchers performing kinase inhibitor drug discovery, where nearly any kinase/protein substrate combination can be assayed in a cell-based format.


Carna BiosciencesCBSlogoFromWeb

Carna Biosciences, based in Kobe, Japan, is a leading provider of kinase products and services, including purified kinase proteins, biotinylated kinases, profiling services, and assay kits.

In July 2012, Cell Assay Innovations and Carna Biosciences formed a partnership to market CAI’s ClariCELL™ kinase cell-based assays.