Screen for HCK inhibitors with our latest ClariCELL™ assay offering

CAI has recently expanded our ClariCELL™ testing service and assay kit offerings to include HCK:

HCK (datasheet)

Dasatinib IC50 Against HCKHCK-dasat-IC50-ClariCELL(TM)

HCK (Hematopoietic Cell Kinase) is a cytoplasmic tyrosine kinase belonging to the Src family of kinases (SFKs). HCK is expressed in myeloid and B cells, and aberrant activation of this kinase has been associated with leukemia and various types of solid tumors. HCK is under active investigation as a therapeutic target for a number of disease areas, including cancer and inflammation. Cell-based assays for assessing small molecule activity against HCK and other SFKs are invaluable tools in the drug discovery process to assess potency and selectivity of lead compounds in the development of therapeutic molecules.

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