Cell Culture

Allow us to help you boost productivity by assisting in the following areas:

Cell Line Passaging and Scale Up

  • Routine passage of valuable cell lines
  • Scale up of cells for downstream protein purification or assay needs
  • Provided as live cells, pellets, or lysates

CAICellCultureStable Cell Line Generation

  • Isolated clones or pools
  • Choice of commonly used cell lines (HEK293, etc.) or cells provided by end user
  • Provided as live cells or frozen vials

Assay Ready Cell Production

  • Preparation, scale up, and freezing of cell batches for assay applications
  • Transient transfection or unmodified cell systems
  • Validation in assay platform
  • Provided as frozen vials of cells

Custom Services

  • Please contact us for any special requests, as we’ll be happy to prepare a customized quote for your needs!